Afrihood is poised to give every African a taste of luxury, excellence and modern living style. We are unapologetic about our stands that every human regardless of class and financial profile is a royalty and deserves a habitation that speaks dignity, quality and absolute comfort. This value is the root from which all our operation stems.


We  provide tailored real estate solutions for residential, commercial, industrial clients and investors.


Our team of fiduciary experts will take into account what your real estate priorities and goals are, considering your financial profile, lifetstyle, and desire before recommending and designing a bespoke real estate asset portfolio plan for you.
We adopt a methodology whereby we approach any estate transaction as an investment and extend our professional links to ensure we produce the most rewarding deal to our clients. We also facilitate mortgage plans


Whether you are looking to buy or invest in a one bedroom apartment, a maisonette or an entire industrial facility, our network of agents, legal and real estate professionals are constantly on their tracks searching and creating your dream.
Our premium search is a combination of extensive property search, ground works, negotiation, title perfection, development and partitioning of properties to suit the need(s) of a single client or a group of clients with similar preference.


Afrihood is dedicated to the co-ordination of and functionality of your space thus letting you focus on your core business.
With our Facilities Management solution, we help our clients control expenditure while improving service delivery. It allows property owners to focus on what they do best, leaving the management of non-core support and associated services to the property specialists


Afrihood covers all areas of construction, including the pre and post phases of building and facility development.
We deploy progressive construction methods to ensure that innovation and quality are prioritised for the benefit of clients. Our company’s business is built on the strategy of having vertically integrated operations, which improve efficiency and timeliness of project execution. Additionally, subsidiaries support the construction’s ability to offer a complete range of construction related services.


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